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San Sebastian, Spain

Ola Amigos!

semi-overcast 21 °C
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Made it to Spain, First day was super hot and sunny, around 30 degrees. Hit a small patch of rain on the way from Bordeaux but otherwise an easy ride. Pitched our tent and settled in with a braai and some chorizo sausages. Oh ja we went to the beach first and I had a swim. The sea was warm even at 6pm.
Around 9:30pm all hell broke loose and there was a big thunder storm with lightening! It added to the atmosphere, luckily we had the tent up and didnt get too wet. It rained all night.
The next morning we fried up some more chorizo and eggs. You can see the cup under the bike stand to stop it from sinking into the ground with the rain!
We then caught the bus into san Sebastian again and walked up Monte Igueldo, there was a venicular but we walked (cheapskates) The view was spectacular. We had a coke and looked around the area...
We saw some ruins on the far side of the Monte and decided to walk there...it took about 3 hours and I had to make up the path as we went....although I told Jennifer that there was a clear path! We eventually cut through the bushes and found our way back to the road. I was a good and exhausting hike, but we both enjoyed it.
Some photos from our hike
this part of Spain reminds me of the Transkei in SA, complete with cows grazing on the hills and near the sea....the only thing missing is the zol plantations ;-)
We are both feeling knackered now but not tired enough to enjoy some local beers in the warmth of the spanish sun, such a hard life...I am really battling to adapt from London life, Not!
The battery is draining on the netbook so got to go. Adios

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Day 2: Le Mans - Bordeaux 450km

sunny 30 °C

Yesterday we did another day of 'blitzing' through France. We left Le Mans mid morning and made our way to our second stop: Bordeaux. The ride was smooth, but that's to be expected when you have to cough up for the toll roads. Along the way we picked up millions of bugs, and our heavy loaded bike managed to crack the heated tar during one of our breaks.


Bordeaux welcomed us with wonderful sunshine at a rather hot 30 degrees. We soon got unpacked, showered and changed before heading to the local Supermarche to pick out some delightful French food essentials, including baguette & filling, and cidre (not to be mistaken for the crap stuff they drink back home). We had a lovely French style picnic in the local park thinking 'this is the life...'


Today we'll be heading over the border into Spain where we'll be camping in San Sebastian, on the coast of the Gulf of Biscay.

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Au revoir

Waiting to board the train to France


After a rather hectic morning, we made it to the Eurotunnel a little later than expected, heading for our first port of call: Le Mans.

Our adventure has started and we're going to enjoy every minute of it!

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Day one

no more job, no more house...no more problems!

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The bike fully loaded, goodbye London (and good riddance)
Did about 350 miles from London to Le Mans in France via the eurotunnel. Nice smooth, empty roads, although the tolls are pricey it is worth it.
Weather has been good and warm, might be some rain tonight but tomorrow is looking clear all the way down to Bordeaux, about 450Km away.
The french are renowned for their great food so we had KFC, cheap and cheerful ;-)
Now sitting in the motel listening to Sublime and sinking some well deserved beers thinking how will I get through the next 83 days with no work!?

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Farewell motorbike cake


Thank you, Nicki!

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