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Bled, sweat & fun

sunny 26 °C

We had a very fun and active stay in Bled. On the first day we walked up to the hill-top castle overlooking the lake.P1050567.jpg P1050564.jpg

We explored the town centre before heading back to 'our' side of the lake where we hired a swan-shaped rowing boat. It was a bit of a scary trip, but Greg managed to get us to the island dry.
P1050570.jpg P1050579.jpg

The evening was enjoyed around another HUGE camp fire.
P1050584.jpg P1050582.jpg

I was up early the next day so sat at the lake and watched the sun rise over the mountains, it was so beautiful and serene. P1050586.jpg

In the morning we followed a hiking route up the mountain next to the campsite. It was a steep but great path that led us up to several viewingpoints and peaks. We were surprised to find ourselves perched directly above our tent.P1050590.jpg P1050594.jpg

We hired some mountain bikes for the afternoon and cycled to Vintgar Gorge. After walking the special path along the gorge, we decided to take a dip below the waterfall. We were the only ones brave (or mad) enough to launch ourselves of the rocks into the icey cold water.
P1050595.jpg P1050599.jpg

In the evening we walked into town and enjoyed a traditional Bled cream cake (Kremna Rezina). We tried our luck in the local casino, unfortunately we didn't get lucky but we did have lots of fun. As we walked back to the campsite, we enjoyed the nighttime view of the beautiful Lake Bled.

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Pula, croatia

chilling in the pine forest on the beach

sunny 25 °C

Found a campsite right on the beach in a pine forest, been here 3 days now just lapping up the sun
The shore is rocky but the water is warm and crystal clear, we just hiked into the nature reserve and found a nice cove to swim in. 30km of uninhabited coastline to explore. Couldnt take too many photos as the naked sunbathers might get upset!
The next day we got the bus into Pula, to check out the 2000 year old arena, very cool, wonder how much blood was spilled here?
They had gladiator fighting here and also kept lions to maul people in a cave under the arena floor!
After the arena we hiked up the hill to an old castle
which had some ancient Roman ruins below it. This town is full of history dating to before Christ.
It was getting really hot so for the afternoon we had a few beers in the local Rock Cafe. Ended up staying here for a few hours as they had good music on the jukebox and cold beers
we also made friends with the locals!

All in all its been great so far, although we got stuck in a heavy storm when we rode down from Slovenia. Had to pull over twice and wait it out. It was some of the heaviest weather I have ever been in on the bike. Lightening flashing right above us and roaring thunder, it was awesome. We got soaked but our gear was dry. Two guys in Ferarris also had to pull over as the rain was too much for them, it was bouncing off the ground about knee height. Weather is great now, about 25C going to hit the beach in a minute, might charter a motor boat and go find a secret cove somewhere....

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Slovenia's natural beauty

Lakes, caves, forests and one hell of a thunderstorm


Dober dan dear readers!

Friday we said Ciao to Italy as we crossed the Slovenian border, a country new to both of us. Although our initial plan was to mission straight through to Lake Bled, we decided to avoid another 5 hour + ride and set up camp near Postojna Cave (which we wanted to see anyway). There was just one campsite in the area: Pivka Jama. Jama is Slovenian for cave, so no surprise that the campsite had it's own cave. Unfortunately it was closed (high season only) but nevertheless it was a great campsite in the middle of a forest with great plots and facilities (swimmingpool, tennis courts, beachvolleyball pitch, kitchen ovens, etc). Even though fires/bbq's were not allowed, the guy allowed us to have one anyway, which was cool. P1050538.jpg

It had been a hot hot hot day and in the evening it was nice and warm too. When it was bedtime we decided not to wrap up too warmly due to the temperature and said a content 'Good night'. A few hours later we were awoken by rain and roaring thunder. We assumed it would pass shortly but it was just the beginning of the most impressive thunderstorm either of us have ever experienced. The flashes lit up the whole sky and could be seen even with our eyes shut. As the light/sound intervals got closer and closer, just a second apart, the roars got louder and longer. It was like a aeroplane taking off right next t our tent. The initial rip would lead to a prolonged rumble lasting for what seemed like forever. Our hearts beat faster and faster as the roars thumped through our bodies. There was no chance of sleeping this one off! We just listened to the magnificent power of nature in our vulnerable little tent.

The next day was a lot cooler but that worked out well as we were going to visit the Postojna Cave which is always 8 degrees so we had to kit up warm anyway. This part of Slovenia has lots of interconnecting caves, Postojna being the largest and longest covering 20km and has 3 levels. We did the tourist guide (part train, part walking) which was fun. Unfortunately, we could not take pictures in the cave. Postojna Jama

After a quick lunchbreak back at basecamp, we headed towards Predjama: a castle which was built into a cave in the middle ages. One of the most significant and earliest inhabitants of the castle is Knight Erazem (Erasmus). Legend has it that he was beseiged at Predjama for a year and a day as the enemy's army patiently camped outside the castle waiting for the inhabitants to run out of supplies. However, there was a secret passage through the cave so Erazem happily feasted on fresh food and water while his rival's men suffered outside (he did tease them with freshly picked cherries which he threw over the walls). Predjama Castle

We finished the day with a walk through the forest, where we came across this rather weird and large snail/snake thing...

After a short but active and fun stay in Pivka Jama, we continued our Slovenian adventure and headed towards Lake Bled on sunday afternoon. Lake Bled is much smaller than Lake Garda but equally as beautiful, in a completely different way. The picturesque scenery and natural spa's makes it a favorite with tourists. Luckily the high season is still a few weeks away so it's not suffocated by tourists yet.

The campsite is just seconds from the lake and we found a great spot to pitch our home, away from the other campers higher up in the mountain site between a huge rock and the forrest. When over campers do notice our tent, they just stare for a while. They must think we are crazy, but we love it as we've been able to build huge fires without disturbing others. We are just loving this camping experince.P1050552.jpg P1050559.jpg

That's enough blogging for today. You'll hear more about Lake Bled in our next post!

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Lake Garda...

...more beautiful than a rock in a cops face!

sunny 31 °C

So we are in Lake Garda, Italy and it is cooking its so hot. Mainly been taking it easy as we are camping right on the lake. there is snow on top of the mountains but the water is warm enough to swim in. It is crystal clear and you can see the numerous fish in the shallows. I think the lake goes to almost 200 meters deep in places!
Jennifer striking a pose at a lake 600m higher in the mountains.
Me chilling on the jetty at our campsite
Jennifer catching a tan, with the lake and snow capped mountains in the background
Practising my diving skills :-)
View from a ride in the mountains above the lake. Open face helmet, Itilian style
And some more me relaxing at the campsite after a bottle of Lemonchello...the town we are in is called Limone sul garda, so it was only natural!P1050536.jpg
We have been doing nothing all day except lying at the lake swimming and tanning, it is awesome. Going to get some local meat and then braai by the waters edge with some local beers, wine and Lemonchello...and maybe do the same tomorrow or ride out to Lake bled in Slovenia. Guess we will see how we feel tomorrow. Life is good, although I am really missing work/ing. NOT. So long suckers ;-0

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Mad Dogs & Englishmen

A hot day in Genoa

sunny 35 °C

We headed down towards the boulevard in the late morning, to explore the beach and check out the local shops and café's. As the temperature was already up to 38 degrees in the mid-day sun, we decided to hit the beach first.

I stayed in the shade as my porcelain skin isn't used to such exposure: I'd rather be a white dove than a pink flamingo (although I wouldn't say no to a nice pair of long thin legs!). Greg soaked up some rays and headed into the water (up to the knees only as nobody else seemed to be swimming, so he didn't trust it and/or didn't want to look like an ass).
P1050506.jpg P1050516.jpg

We strolled down the boulevard in search of Motorbike oil, but must shops were closed for siesta. We considered hanging around the beach/boulevard for an hour or two, but as there was little shade we headed back to the park where our camp site was situated. Thankfully, the park and campsite offered us some much needed shade.
P1050510.jpg P1050514.jpg

At around 4 we headed back down to the boulevard, knowing that the shops would be open again and expecting the temperature to have dropped. We were wrong... Yes, the shops had reopened, but the temperature had actually gone up two degrees to a scorching 40 degrees!

We got all we needed and headed back to base camp for a relaxing and cooled chat, blog and bite to eat on top of the camp site's rooftop terrace.

Tomorrow we're planning to leave early as another hot day is expected. The next destination is Lake Garda, not too far away but we'll be taking the scenic road so should take around 4.5/5 hours.

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