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It was time to leave the beautiful Montenegro and enjoy a more unusual travel destination: Kososvo. Declared independant in 2008 but not yet universally recognized, the travel advice fr Kosovo was negative and our insurance wouldn't cover us. However, we were not put off and with some extra insurance bought we happily crossed the mountain-pass border.

We headed for Pec (Peja) and soon found ourselves riding through a beautiful gorge. Here we found a quaint Motel; we preferred the beauty of nature rather than the hustle and bustle or a town. Although we did head into town for a little bit, we spent most of our day enjoying the gorge: the fabulous riding experience, magnificent views and pure serenity.

After a very comfortable stay and unexpected morning (the motel was shooting a promotional video so the place was full with equiptment, people, and young girls in traditional dress) we rode to Prizren, further south. We stopped for a coffee but decided to continue riding as it was very busy due to a festival. As we headed out of the main square, we were stopped by the police for a 2nd time: we had parked illigally and had to pay the fine. Luckily, after discovering we had come from the UK the conversation soon changed to football and we were let off with a warning.

I'm not sure what I expcted Kosovo to be like but have realized that it is a lovely little country with lots of natural beauty and friendly inhabitants. Although a poor country, other places have seemed much worse off as Kosovo is working towards a brighter future. A visit is certainly recommended, before you know it this little gem will be taken over by tourism and commercialism.


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Tara Canyon & Biogradska Gora National Park in Montenegro


After two nights and 5+ hours of hiking, we left Durmitor National Park. As we left Zabljak, we got pulled over by the Montenegrin traffic cops: Greg was doing 85 in a 60 zone. We got some very stern, disapproving looks and were put through the motions before being told (with a deep, mob-like Montenegrin accent): 'Gregory, you can go'. We were pleased to have avoided a 30 euro fine.

We headed along the Tara Canyon, the World's 2nd deepest canyon at 1300m just 200m less than the Grand Canyon. At the end we took a break and decided where we should head to next: the Biogradska Gora National Park, one of Europe's last three remaining primeval forests.

Here we rented a cosey wood-cabin in the middle of the park. We walked around the lake, enjoyed local food and in the evening made a fire. and when darkness fell, we were joined by our fellow cabin-lodgers: some Polish & Bulgarian bikers and American and Australian backpackers. We shared travel advice and experiences.

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Bay of Kotor

So found a secluded campsite out of Kotor, untarred roads most of the way and no electricity or even running water, but they had collected rain water.P1050834.jpg
There is an old town with fort and it is walled right to the top of the mountain, the bay is like a fjord and is sublime.

We found a cave on the sea by our campsite and swam there for the day...8P1050835.jpg
We our now up near the Tara canyon in northern Montenegro, it is truly beautiful, but I will save it for another day...I am knackered from a 5 hour hike and need NickSicko - which is the brand of local beer :-)

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Camped just outside the city and then got a water taxi into the old town, which is very spectacular
We swam off the rocks of the city walls, crystal clear and warm water, Awesome!
We then explored the old town and cliff fort next to it, to escape all the tourists!
Here is the view from the fort.
Next we rode to Montenegro...

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Mostar, Bosnia

Mostar bridge...but I didnt jump

Went into the old town of Mostar and checked out the bridge, which is the main attraction. The locals dive off it, I think it is 21 meters high, very impressive.P1050757.jpg
Here is a link to youtube of people diving off http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QThw9Iy736o
Some war damaged buildings, of which there were many.
The view of our campsite about 7KM outside of Mostar, which was very cool.
Jennifer trying to turn a local frog into a prince!

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