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Auschwitz, Poland

I was Dr. Mengele's assistant...

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Made it to the infamous Auschwitz Death Camp. This was much bigger than the concentration camp in Serbia. Much, much bigger. What can I say we all know the score. We got a personal English speaking guide to take us around and explain it all. It seems like all the German people were in on the deal and believed the Nazi propaganda...or turned a blind eye to what was really going on. They had the perfect business plan...an endless supply of free labour and the captains of industry all signed in on the contracts for this labour. Slavery is nothing new and neither is murder, its been happening since the dawn of time...but not on a scale like this!
We saw rooms full of just human hair or toothbrushes etc. People were stripped of everything and it all was all used for the 3rd Reich. Just the scale of it all was very impressive. Anyways, long story short, we stood in the 'gas' chambers were Zyklon B pellets were dropped into the room and reacted to kill you in about 20 minutes, next into the incinerating room where the corpses would be burned, after any gold teeth had been extracted. German efficiency indeed. I was all quite chiling. We also saw the 'barracks' were the victims lived and all the photos of when the arrived, with a full head of hair to when they had the head shaved and the life removed from their eyes. They were all methodically dated, some only lasted a few days, other weeks or months. Saw too much to go into morbid detail, but it makes you think when you are having a bad day...is it really that bad?
Even once they were liberated by the Red Army, many died due to malnutrition or simply their spirit had been broken. Even decades later the survivors have severe mental problems, I dont think they will ever be fully human again after being abused like that. We also saw original footage from a Russian cameraman who is still alive to this day. We were also told about the experiments and torture that was dished out. Shame on you Nazi's!
Seriously though it was a pretty harrowing experience, but well worth it, Lest we forget...

The infamous sign into Auschwitz, translated 'Work will set you free'. This apparently gave false hope to those unlucky enough to pass through the gates...but we all know work is for suckers and only sheeple work hard!
You wouldnt want to disembark at this station.
Barbed wire, electric fence that some would throw themselves on to die. Each chimney stack in the background had a wooden building around it that housed 1000 people and there are hundreds of them...
These are the sanitary houses that you could use only twice a day for around 40 seconds...better than some of the countries I have recently travelled through!

all of these sights brings to remembrance my favourite Slayer song:
"Propaganda death ensemble
Burial to be
Corpses rotting through the night
In blood laced misery
Scorched earth the policy
The reason for the singe
The pendulum it shaves the blade
The strafing air blood raid

infiltration push reserves
Encircle the front llines
Supreme art of strategy
Playing on the minds
Bombard till submission
Take all to their graves
Indication of triumph
The number that are dead

Sport the war, war support
The sport is war, total war
When victory's a massacre
The final swing is not a drill
It's how many people I can kill

Be dead friend from abve
When darkness falls
Descend into my sights
Your fallen walls
Spearhead break through the lines
Flanked all around
Soldiers of attrition
Forward their ground
GRegime prophetic age
Old in its time
Flowing veins run on through
Deep in the Rhine
Center of the web
All battles scored
What is our war crimes
(Era forever more...war)

Propaganda war ensemble
Burial to be
Bones shining in the night
In blood laced misery
Campaign of elimination
Twisted psychology
When victory is to survive
And death is defeat

Sport the war, war support
The sport is total war
When victory's a massacre
When victory is survival
When this end is a slaughter
The final swing is not a drill
It's how many people I can kill"

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Impressive description in words and pictures! Respect!
I have visited the Czech camp Theresienstadt (Terezin)and know how you 2 must have experienced your visit!
Helps you to look at many things in the right perspective! Hugs, DAD

by Jan

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